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A bit about me

This is a project my mom and I started working on several years ago. We never got around to finishing it and it just kind of fell by the wayside. Not long ago mom passed away and it popped into my head again. I think mom would be happy to know I was working on it again. I wish she was still here to help with it but she had created a lot of the content before and over the years I kept it tucked away. I hope you all enjoy the site and comeback often as I share a little bit of mom with you.

A bit about mom

Like a lot of people I imagine one of my earliest childhood memories is of my mom cooking. My memory just happens to be of a not so successful endeavor involving homemade split pea soup and a pressure cooker! LOL sorry mom.

I hardly remember a time that mom wasn’t cooking. Over the years I would have to guess she fed a few thousand people. When she wasn’t cooking for us kids at home she was cooking at a café or restaurant in one of the small towns we lived in growing up. I got my first real job working with her at a VFW in Lake Park, MN. I remember when she worked at the school cafeteria when we were in Frazee, MN and how much fun I had the couple of summers she worked at the Young Life camp Castaway Club outside Detroit Lakes, MN. There she got to work with a lot of young kids teaching them the basics in the kitchen during their stay at camp. She worked at a nursing home in Lakota, ND for a while and did a lot of specialty cooking for residents with Diabetes and other restrictive diets. Experience that she took with her when she went to work at her last job at the senior center in Eagle, CO.

Was my mom a “chef”? No. Mom was a home cooking, meat and potatoes, type of cook. You won’t find fancy here just good hearty foods made the way my mom made them. I hope you enjoy the recipes.

My lovely mother Jane Lien. I miss you mom.